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Thread: Missing Godsoe mystery

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    Default Missing Godsoe mystery

    I'm trying to find the parents of a William GODSOE born c 1799. He married 1832 in Liverpool to Jane Fell from the Isle of Man. This was his second marriege the firsdt being to Mary Ann Clarke( also in liverpool). He died 1858 in West Derby liverpool, but i can't locate a grave. I would like to know his birth, baptism details as then hopefully i will get to the parents .

    Another GODSOE relative contacted me about a baptism recently put on Lancs on line parish clerk..

    Baptisms: 26 May 1799 St Nicholas, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
    William Godsoe Gordon - son of James Gordon & Ellen (formerly Jackson), His Wife
    Born: 13 Mar 1799
    Abode: Stanley Street
    Occupation: Mariner
    Register: Baptisms 1799, Page 89, Entry 490
    Source: LDS Film 93833

    The date fits for our William Gosoe and the family were mariners.
    What do other people think and is there anyway we could check to see if it is mis transcribed at any point.

    Isn't Lancs OPC wonderful Thanks

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    Hi Lynne,

    Your information on the baptism of William Godsoe Gordon is correct, I have attached a cropped section of the entry, I can send you the full sheet if you require it.

    There is a marriage record for a James Gordon to Elliin Jackson on the 26th March 1797, parish Richmond St. Anne. See attached copy.

    Best of luck with your research,


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    Thanks for that now for the big question.....
    can anyone give me advice is William (Gordon) Godsoe b c 1799 (of whom I can find no trace before his marriage in 1826 and again in 1832) the same person as william Godsoe Gordon???
    There is no father's name on the marriage documents and I can't remember how I found his father's name was James Gordon Godsoe, but this was before we found the above baptism. Oh how do I sort this out???

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    is there any way I can make them bigger??

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    View the original then hold down the Ctrl key and hit the plus (+) sign a few times.

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