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Thread: Looking for old liverpool photos

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    Default Looking for old liverpool photos

    Hello all. I did mention in my intro post a while back that I was looking for pics of particular places, but I accidently deleted the post.

    Anyway, if anyone has any links to pics of the following, it would make me feel very warm indeed.

    (I have a general interest in all eras, but also a keen nostalgia to see pics of the 70s and 80s)

    Queens road area, Everton - (my nan lived in the ground floor maisonette facing fatima playing field), Queens Arms, Atwell St, The 'yellow patch' (with the mobile on it), St Chrysostoms way, Everton Park primary school, Gleave Sq, Margaret St baths, Grant gardens, etc

    Breck Rd, Oakfield Rd, Belmont Rd, Breckfield School.

    Craighurst Road Maisonettes.

    Woolton Village, Out Lane School.

    Old Swan area, St Oswald, Knotty Ash, Dovecot area (old playing fields more or less opposite old cinema)

    Paul McCartney Way.

    Not asking much am I?

    Seriously though, I have seen loads of pics and posted by folk on here, and I'm not asking people to be skivvys for me, but if you read this and think 'ah. I've seen pics of...' then it would be cool if you posted a quick reply.

    I am trying to sort some free time to scan old photos I have to share too

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    A good place to start looking is on Ged Fagan's site:

    "If you're looking for something on the site in particular and want to find it straight away - eg. Margaret Street baths. Go to the 'Buildings' page, type control F (or F3) on your keyboard and a little window will open on your screen. Type in the word Margaret then click return and hey presto. If it's not a building but a street, try the same on the 'Streets' page etc etc.."

    Hope that's of help.

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    Yeah I love geds site. In fact I'm gonna have another look now. Cheers grekko.

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    Cheers scouse smurf

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    I have a pic of Breckfield school shortly after it closed

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    Thanks robbo176. If I remember correctly someone got pushed out of one of those windows when I went there. Somewhere above where the car is.

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