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Thread: The conclusion of the tale of cheese powder in the 1970's summer heat

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    Thumbs up The conclusion of the tale of cheese powder in the 1970's summer heat

    The beginning of this story is:-
    Strange cargo, 1 human specimen - "Treat as one of your own"

    For any that've read the first part:-
    Cheese please Louise

    My brother's recollection- the cheese powder was "knocked back" at it's Merseyside destination due to the factory being closed for holidays, could've been on strike.
    My recollection is my mam not being happy about the presence of a dead body close to foodstuff and wanting some official confirmation before delivery.
    Whichever it was, the powder ended up being stored in our wagon yard for weeks. We had no indoor storage facilities so the powder was left on a spare wagon and sheeted up. It was summer and the powder started to sweat. After a couple of weeks maggots started to appear from the bags. My mam called the public health office (again?) and after a week a man called to inspect the powder (can't be certain if he was a factory representative called in by the PHO). He examined the powder and gave it the all clear! We delivered the cheese powder the next day but it was quite a while before I ate cheesy flavour biscuits again!

    Apologies for being a little vague in my dating, it was nearly 40 years ago. Apologies for anyone who feels it is in bad taste but these are just facts.
    Regards to all,
    Still, enjoy cheesy crackers, I can't resist them.

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