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    Default More Jenkins mysteries

    Hi everyone
    It has been a while since I last posted on here and have now come up with some more brickwalls, I would be grateful is anyone could have a look and give me their comments.

    On the 1911 Census I have my maternal great grandmother Hannah Dodd living with her daughter Violet and it says Sarah Jeakins (this has now been checked and it should say Jenkins).
    One could/would assume that this Sarah Jenkins could be related to my maternal grt grandmother in some way as Hannah Dodd was the mother in law of my grandfather James Jenkins. The address for the census is Arkwright Street.

    I then found a marriage for Violet Dodd in 1911 to Thomas Robinson and the witnesses to the marriage are Joseph and Mary Jenkins (I dont think they were married as there is a marriage below for Joseph), again I think there must be a connection with Hannah Dodd the mother in law of my grandfather James Jenkins (his father also called James according to his marriage cert).

    I have now also found a Marriage for a Sarah Jane Jenkins in 1914 to Henry Donaldson in Liverpool. One of the witnesses to this marriage was a Joseph Jenkins.

    Then there is a marriage for Joseph Jenkins in 1915 to Florence Hogan - I have information on Florence but none on the Joseph she married.

    My big problem is I think that Sarah and Joseph (both have the father called James, a carter) and Mary could be possible bros and sisters of my grandfather but as I cannot find his birth I am not sure, also cannot find a birth for Sarah or Sarah Jane with a father called James

    My last post on here was on Mersey brickwalls and I am not sure if I should have made this entry at the bottom of the last one, still not quite sure how it works - sorry

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    My Grandfather was Called James Jenkins and my Grandmother was Henrietta, they came from Arkwright street area off Netherfield Rd.
    My Mum was Ada with brothers Thomas and William.
    I know their were other relatives around this area as well, hopes this helps.
    Get back to me if it does.

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    Hi Lesley
    I have the 1911 Census for your grandfather and it is not the same James - just wish someone out there did know him. I don't even know at this stage if he had any brothers or sister only that his children were John Joseph, Joseph Arthur, James, Charlotte, Violet, and my father Charles. He did have a still born and two that died Elizabeth and Thomas.
    As know one left to ask it is getting very difficult, as my cousins still in Liverpool dont seem to know as much as me

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    Default James Jenkins

    Hello Alex,

    Just been having a rummage and found these two entries for the same family, in Toxteth Park.


    165 Wolfe Street Toxteth Park

    James Jenkins 25 Carter
    Sarah Ann Jenkins 27
    Mary Jenkins 6
    James Jenkins 2
    Robert Jenkins 0
    Margaret Reynolds 35 visitor



    146 Wolfe Street Toxteth Park

    James Jenkins 36 Corporation Carter
    Sarah Ann Jenkins 37
    Mary Ann Jenkins 16
    James Jenkins 11
    Annie Jenkins 9
    John Jenkins 1
    Martha Messinger 21, sister
    Mary Kink 70, lodger
    Ellen Norton 26, lodger
    Michael Norton 4, lodger


    Hope this helps!


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    .... in 1901 they are transcribed as Junkin!

    RG13; Piece: 3428; Folio: 36; Page: 18.

    Address: 142 Wolfe Street

    James 42 Carter
    Sarah Ann 45
    Annie 19
    John 11
    Patrick Gill 14, nephew

    No sign of Joseph or young Sarah Ann in any of the three census returns, so perhaps they could be cousins!


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    Hello Alex,

    I’ve found another family who also fit the bill!


    2, House 33, Court Hornby St, Liverpool

    James Jenkins 21 Carter
    Elizabeth 20
    James 2



    Teulon? Street, Kirkdale

    James 30, Porter (carting)
    Elizabeth 36
    James 11
    Thomas 7
    Joseph 2

    RG12; Piece: 2959; Folio 110; Page 38


    Address: 104 Ashfield Cottages

    James 40 (Quay carter)
    Elizabeth 39
    James 20
    Joseph 10
    Mary J 8

    RG13; Piece: 3409; Folio: 27; Page: 4

    Still no sign of Sarah!
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    Hi Arisan
    Thank you but I already have all these, the ones in Wolfe Street their James married Annie Reynolds in 1910 so not the right James. As you say they could have been related

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander View Post
    Hi Arisan
    Thank you but I already have all these, the ones in Wolfe Street their James married Annie Reynolds in 1910 so not the right James. As you say they could have been related
    Hello Alex,

    I've just been having a look at "All Liverpool, Lancashire, England, Catholic Baptisms, 1802-1906 results for Sarah Jenkins" on Anc*y!

    Unfortunately, I just have the basic membership, so I am unable to view the full record.

    If you or anyone you know can view the record, here are the details.

    Sara Johanna Jenkins, father's name Jacobi Jenkins. [All names were written in Latin on Catholic Baptismal records.]

    There are also Jacobus (James) and Guilielmus Thomas (William Thomas), with father Jacobi.

    Of course, they may not be yours, but maybe worth a look?

    Hope this helps to get you a bit further on!

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    Thanks Arisnan I will be able to do a search for these as I have the membership

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