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    i am trying to find anyone who can find st philips church records (hardman st liverpool) i think its on, but am not subscribed i only want to eradicate this church from my research as i have to go through them all in liverpool, i need to know if two of my ancestors were baptised there as they were wed there, john sephton (or sefton) 1818-1819 and his wife elizabeth brown c1814. i would be very grateful, with thanks.

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    Hello Chez.

    Try this (if you already haven't)... http://www.liverpoolhistoryprojects....s/STPHILIP.htm

    Otherwise, type "St. Philips Church in Liverpool" to discover what else Google can come up with. Hope this helps.

    Regards, Gary

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    thank you for the info will try those then x

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