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Thread: 1911 Transport Strike

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    Default 1911 Transport Strike

    Anyone know if anything is being done anywhere to remember this event 100 years ago?

    August 1911 saw severe violence in Liverpool during the strike. It should be remembered.

    Saw these pics. You may have seen them. Really good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oudeis View Post

    Shame I missed that.
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    According to that link there's a march tomorrow starting at 1.00pm and a rally in town - St. George's plateau I'd guess.

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    There have actually been quite a few events around the city over the past few weeks, mainly under the City Of Radicals banner.

    Tomorrow, Saturday 20th August, there will be a talk by local historian Frank Carlyle entitled:

    Liverpool in Revolt: 1911 - 2011

    Location : The Blackie, by the Chinese Arch at the entrance to Chinatown in Great George Street

    Time: 15.00 - 17.00

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