Hiya....my gg grandfather was Carl Freidrich Sacht born Heligoland ( a British owned island off Denmark )
I have never found his death...I know he was a Mariner and married and lived in Garston,Liverpool..

in the Times on Friday August 9th 1901 it states that a ship named Kincora bound for Liverpool collided with the Oceanic in the English Channel....the Kincora sunk within 7 minutes...14 survived and 7 went down with the ship.ONE OF THE CASUALTIES WAS NAMED ... SACHT....a very unusual surname...I think this is my gg grandfather...but I need to know this mans christian name

Are there any old Salty Dogs who can advise me how I can find the full name of the lost at sea casualty Sacht on the Kincora in august 1901 ???