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Thread: Kincora...sunk after a collision with the Oceanic ??

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    Default Kincora...sunk after a collision with the Oceanic ?? gg grandfather was Carl Freidrich Sacht born Heligoland ( a British owned island off Denmark )
    I have never found his death...I know he was a Mariner and married and lived in Garston,Liverpool..

    in the Times on Friday August 9th 1901 it states that a ship named Kincora bound for Liverpool collided with the Oceanic in the English Channel....the Kincora sunk within 7 minutes...14 survived and 7 went down with the ship.ONE OF THE CASUALTIES WAS NAMED ... SACHT....a very unusual surname...I think this is my gg grandfather...but I need to know this mans christian name

    Are there any old Salty Dogs who can advise me how I can find the full name of the lost at sea casualty Sacht on the Kincora in august 1901 ???

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    There is said to be an article on this list about the sinking, but I did not find it. Lots of stuff to see just the same...

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    Here is the lead page to another article on the topic...

    The page above has a pdf link so you can download the whole thing.

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    ...not that it has a great deal to say. The article (pdf) is from page 5 of the archive perhaps the story that is supposed to be on page 3 of the article gives more detail...unless that is on page 6 or more, sadly they are not dated on the lists.

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    You will have seen that there is a book; 'Dictionary of disasters at sea during the age of steam' by Hocking C. Published in 1969 the only copy in the Libraries of London is far from me and for reference only.

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    Alas the Kinkora is not alone where she lies...

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    After the fashion of leaving no stone unturned I came across this site of great interest to any with the salt-sea in their veins.
    Lots of pictures of ships, some of which are listed as lost on the Tuskar Rock, but not as far as I could see the SS Kinkora...

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    Hi fiftyfive

    The New York Times article of August 9, 1901 states that the SS Kinkora was a coastal vessel sailing between Waterford and Limerick, rather than sailing to Liverpool as you stated. Still that doesn't mean that it was not your gg grandfather Carl Freidrich Sacht who was aboard the vessel when it went down, as you assume might be the case.

    Sorry. That New York Times article appears to be incorrect.... a House of Lords enquiry available on Google Books does say the Kincora was sailing between Limerick and Liverpool. Unfortunately this does not seem to mention crewman Sacht.

    I wish you luck in your further enquiries.

    All the best

    Christopher T. George
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    This is for Fiftyfive,
    I am doing some research on the SS Kincora and from what I can see it is likely that your great grandfather was on this ship.
    Have you been able to confirm this? have you been able to find out, or have you seen the ship's crew list of its final voyage.
    From what I can gather the crew list for this ship on that year is located in Canada.
    I have been on to Kew requesting the crewlist for 1898 because that is all they have available there, and I am hoping that some of the name of the crew on that date will be the same as the crew on 1901.
    if you have any further information please let me know, i'd be delighted to hear from you.
    Thanks & All the best
    please emil me at,

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    The following article lists the lost and survivors:
    I assume your relative was Carl born approx 1848 married to Mary Ellen she died 15/2/1927, they resided at 21 Byrom Street Garston???? It may be coincidence as I could not find any record of bodies being recovered however there is a record of death in the sept quarter 1901 at New Ross in Ireland of a Charles Sacht approx the same age.

    Wishing you good luck with your search


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    Sorry I forgot to add in the 1891 census Carl lists himself as Charles.

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