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Thread: The surnames Usher and Scott.

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    Default The surnames Usher and Scott.

    I am trying to trace my maternal grandmother, She lived in Rimrose Rd, Bootle. Her name was May Josephine Usher, nee Prendergast,but was always known as Mary
    My grandfather died sometime between 1906 and 1913, when my grandmother remarried, to a John Scott. they lived at Rimrose Rd. until 1936.
    There was also living there Florence Usher, John William Surtees Usher (a merchant navy officer) Sidney Usher, Wilhelmina Usher, these are my Uncles and Aunts who I never met. and a "half" Uncle Joseph Francis Scott.
    I am trying to find where they moved to.
    I would appreciate any assistance

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    Charlotte born circa 1878, Liverpool
    David born 23 February 1868, Everton, Lancashire, England died 1st Aug 1930, 113 Corbett Street, Tollcross, Glasgow
    David Gray born 1843, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland died 22 February 1890, Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland
    David Gray born 19 March 1891, Camlachie, Glasgow, Scotland died 30 September 1959
    Elizabeth born 1864, England
    Elizabeth Ann chr. 3 November 1861, Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
    Elizabeth Fleming
    George born 1878, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland died 1884, Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland
    James born 1876, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    James chr. 17 December 1865, Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
    James Melville born 1894, Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland
    James Melville born 5 February 1923, Camlachie, Glasgow, Scotland died 13 September 1983
    Janet born 1880, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland
    John born circa 1836, Scotland
    John Fleming born 1865, England died 1883, Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland
    John Fleming
    John Henry born circa 1868, Liverpool
    Joseph Tannahil born 1886, Shettleston, Glasgow, Scotland died 1913, Liff
    Lydia born 5 April 1874, Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
    Margaret Ann born 14 April 1872, Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England died Bef 1881
    Martha born circa 1863, Liverpool
    Mary born circa 1830, Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland
    Mary Fleming born 1870, England
    Nancy born 25 April 1822, Ballymoney Parish, Antrim, Ireland
    Samuel born 27 March 1871, Saint Peter, Liverpool, Lancashire, England
    William born circa 1876, Liverpool
    William Coullie
    William Harris born 1873, England

    And here for Scott, are two pages about Scott in Liverpool:

    Good lucky!!

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    Default Usher and Scott.

    Hello Marie!
    Thank you for the information, none of the "Ushers'" ring a bell, but the first name on the list of "Scotts" did.
    I believe that he is related, I am currently reseaching it.
    Best regards

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