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Thread: Old Quay Lock - Runcorn

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    Arrow Old Quay Lock - Runcorn

    originally the plan was on this to try and ride across the mersey from runcorn to widnes on my mountain bike while the tide was out ,it was a roasting hot day and looked fairly dry, however i didnt get very far, the dry mud which looked dry wasnt very dry underneath......anyway it seemed a good idea at the time.

    the back brakes completely locked with this sticky mud

    anyway on returning i noticed the old walkway from the disused lock just near the underneath the runcorn bridge could be kind

    anyhow i returned a few days later without mountain bike and with some wellies this time

    however i didnt get very far, once id got down the walkway ,this lock was a breading ground for geese,they started snarling at me then as i proceeded past there nests they started to charge at me nearly knocking me off the edge.....abort mission rambo!!!

    anyhow a week or so later i was down that way and it was a nice day so thought sod it ill see how far i can get this time providing there wasnt any geese about...anyhow there wasnt but what i did see before i went walkies across the mud was the tide starting to come in, it looked a bit like a tsunami, id never seen the tide come in before so i was quite impressed and filmed a little

    click on the picture to play the vid

    right so heres an old pic during construction (all saints church tower can be seen i both pics)

    and a recent one (sort of in the same place, and any local person would know its took from the top looking down through the palaside fencing near the old quay swing bridge)

    anyhow across the mud the main lock is palasided off....its at this point the tide was getting quite fierce

    up onto the lock itself approaching the gates

    these gates were fooked,attempts were made to walk across but they were very weak

    2 geese stand guard at the end (you can see the white ripples where the tide is rushing in)

    some sort of solar device (again the tide rushing past)

    the next 2 were taken on a previous visit with my other camera (the tide is out and it is dry)

    behind the palaside fencing at the the end of the old quay bridge,the old steps going up to street level

    old lifebuoy

    a few random shots

    the quay bridge moving

    to make way for the snowdrop,liverpool

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    Very fine work, Georgie!


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    Well in georgie!

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    I really enjoyed reading your captions and the pics!

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