just a few explores in the month of april 2011 that are not really in any great need of a report, so ive compiled them all together.

ill kick it off with another section of the river jordan culvert running under aigburth vale,it has many sections and this one is egg shaped brick with a collapse near the end.

explored with kevsy21 and wimr

the end of the first section kevsy21 leading the way

thats kevsy21 actually stuck in the manhole cover trying to gain access to another part of it,after a few tugs he was out

next garston dock pillbox liverpool,perched on the edge of garston docks this was hard to get to ,however i spotted an old wooden ladder in the mersey and climbed jumped,and fell down to get it and get the others down.

explored with kevsy21 and wimr

original fencing around it

up next the trade effluent treatment plant (vauxhall factory ellesmere port).
this was a waste water plant solely for the vauxhall factory,from the large outfall on the banks of the manchester ship canal it didnt really prove to be anyting spectaular other that concrete and gated at the end ,leading into the treatment plant.(the water was full of shrimps)

explored with kevsy21

disused train tracks outside

lastly an old derelict rail bridge just a stones throw away from warrington transporter bridge.
not a lot of history on it other that its a deviation bridge (whatever that means)

explored with kevsy21

this was the live bridge (they were together side by side and had to cross the tracks to get to the unused one)