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    Nice post by John,do you remember Ken Milne who started as a beat bobby and rose through the ranks, he was in the old A Division and worked mainly the docks in the 60's he was an uncle of mine,do you also remember the Peanut Gang who kept the pervs off the streets when we were kids,they worked with the police unofficially,we lived just off the dock road,Tabley St L1

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    In the late sixties I went for an interview for a job at the Police Garage near Edge Hill Station, if my memory was correct,
    the interview was with Sgt. Moran?

    I was about 20 yrs old and went with my mate Billy Roberts [who lived in the Clock pub in Richmond Row]

    We abruptly ended the interview when we were told that we would have to get our haircut if we wanted to work in this

    Who can remember Liverpool Police Traffic Division having Riley 1.5`s,, Mini Cooper S`s and Zephyr 6`s?

    Real quick cars at the time.

    Fortunately, through working in the motor trade, I knew a few traffic bobbies,....................that saved my licence on a few
    occasions! Special thanks to PC"Dickie Bird, who I think ended his career in the
    records office, he let me off for speeding once!

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    My Auntie Lena was a cook at Prescot Street Police Station in the fifties?

    Any Bobbies remember her bunloaf?

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    [B]Sounds like you have some great stories Duffer, Underworld who is a member of this forum and one of the founders of Liverpool City Police website, am sure would love you to share them for inclusion.

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    Hi, Kev and all members of Yo Liverpool.

    I am the owner/webmaster of

    The below photograph was taken during the Transport strike in 1911. I am trying to identify where the photograph was taken. It is not Cheapside because if you look in the background you will see a tram coming down the road and Cheapside is not wide enough for any tram. It has to be nearby because most of the violence/disturbances at that time happened near to the city centre. The officers are obviously walking towards a Bridewell. They could be passing a Bridewell with the bars etc. on windows but, which one? Is it Argyle Street/Campbell Street? As far as I am concerned it has to be in the Dale Street area and they are walking towards the Main Bridewell, I could be wrong. It has to be a main road with a tram coming down that road.

    Hope someone can help.

    Regards, Tj

    What are your thoughts please?

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