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Thread: Quirk Family from early 1800's

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    Default Quirk Family from early 1800's

    My 2nd Gr Grandmother Anne (Ann) Quirk (born in 1835 in Liverpool) is the only one from her siblings that I can trace. All her other siblings seem to be a mystery. Anne married Matthew Woods in 1870 and I can track her until
    1901 in West Derby (from the 1901 census) and to my Gr Grandmother etc...

    However, it's her siblings that have me truly puzzled.

    The oldest..John Quirk born in 1826 only shows until the 1841 census. I can't seem to find a record on that is close to his DOB. No marriage or death record seems to come up. Can't seem to find a baptismal record either.

    Next would be that.

    Then would be Henry. Born in 1837 and I can find on the 1851 census but nothing after that. No baptismal record or marriage record (at least nothing close to his birth year).

    Then Joseph, born in 1839 and shows up on the 1851 census. Nothing after that. Again, nothing close to his birth year. I can pull up a number of Joseph Quirks (and have looked under Mcguirk (which his father Owen shows as for his marriage record).

    Last but not least is Helen (Helena). I was able to find a baptismal record for her in 1841 but she doesn't show up in the 1851 census, but...I can't seem to find a death record for her.

    I'm trying to see if I still have relatives in Liverpool (or anywhere in England) but I can't seem to go beyond Ann who is immediate family.

    Any thoughts/help/suggestions???

    Again as always, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Always a Garth Brooks Fan...Karin

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    Hi Karen,
    Tough ones to nail down accurately, the neares i got to Helen/Helena was a marriage for a Helena Sarah Quirk in 1867 to a Henry Matthews Martyn.

    Possible deaths

    1)Rose Quick Dec 1853 L,Pool 8b 183
    2)Rose McGuirk June 1857 L,Pool 8b 47
    3)Owen McGurk Dec 1857 L,Pool 8b 167
    4) Joseph Mcquirk March 1862 L,Pool 8b 77

    Rose and Owen no 2 and 3 seem a possibility as the family appear more fragmented from the 1861 census onwards


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    For anyone trying to help Karin with her research, there is more information about the family here.



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