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Thread: Walton lane board school

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    It was the Head Master, Mr Dunn (Eddie to us boys ) who stuck his tongue into his cheek. Mr Carke came in as head Mr Dunn moved on to head of a new school in Woolton.

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    Default My first post

    I was directed here by a friend. I attended Carisbrooke Rd from 1952-57. Just some points on past posts.
    I firmly beleive Mr Gordon was a good teacher, I found French the eaiest subject of them all.
    Mr Whalley, of the broad Lancashire accent, taught Music as well as Science.
    Mr Bradshaw did place his tongue in cheek when trying to put over a humorous point.
    I don't recall the 6'6" Mr Dunne ever trying humour, we only saw him at Assembly or for a caning.
    I saw Mr Toolan's obituary in the Liverpool Echo some 10-15 years ago.
    Perhaps the young (in 1957) maths teacher Mr Murray is the only possible survivor. Unless there are some centurions around.
    I don't recall a crazy teacher from WW1 in 1954. Mr Dean, Science, was a fighter pilot in WW2, but he only stayed one term, he was very weak on discipline, and the students took full advantage.
    The 1952-7 classes have had a successful annual re-union since 1952. I encourage other years to do likewise.
    There is a Walton Tech box file in the Central library, containing School Magazines, the Admissions register, etc. From this box file and other sources I have put together a potted history of Walton Tech.

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    Sorryi I meant we've met successfully since 2002.

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    You will probably find it marked on this map of 1893 Liverpool:

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    Mr. Dunne (eddie) did indeed end up as headmaster of the then new, and now gone, Hillfoot Hey High School.

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    Nice to hear stories from Walton Tech.
    Its a pity Mr Clarks replacement? Mr Hogg didnt die prematurely before he caned me once to often.
    Mr Lawrence was no better with his piece of wood!
    For years, I dreamt of meeting Mr Tyson [chemistry] in some dark place to see if he could still pull my hair ....... [his speciality, when the receiver of his punishment was half his size] .

    All in all, just about the worst experiences of my life, the teachers, a motley crew ......that I would not have let anywhere near my kids
    I am so glad I forked out £10 and escaped at the age of 15. the best money I EVER spent in my entire life.

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    where is Dave Connor who went to John Hamilton? He lived in Pelops St.

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    Default Other teachers

    Quote Originally Posted by Billy Turnbull View Post
    Hi Guys ,
    I've just found this forum, I was at Walton Secondary Technical School from 1951 to 1956. I remember Mr Gordon (French teacher), Mr Finley (maths) and Mr Jones (geography), Mr Bradshaw(physics), anybody remember any others?
    Bill Turnbull.
    Other teachers included Mr (Joe) Green, English and Art, Mr (Jack) Horne, Science, Mr Shaw, History, Mr Richards, Mr Prescott, both English, Mr Whalley Music, Mr (Archie) Rawlins (was he the WW1 veteran mentioned in this post?) he retired in 1952. Mr Finlay retired in 1953, and they named a house after him. I was in the 52-57 class, pupils I recall from the 51-56 era include Nelson, Owen, Glascott and Cornmell.
    There was a bombed church behind the school up to 1953, when it was demolished to make way for the playground during the summer holiday. Dinner was served at Chalmers Hall, on Westminster Rd, next to which was a chipshop where the owner had a St Bernard dog.

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    It was the Head Master, Mr Dunn (Eddie to us boys ) who stuck his tongue into his cheek. Mr Carke came in as head Mr Dunn moved on to head of a new school in Woolton.
    I remember Mr Bradshaw sticking his tongue into his cheek whenever he produced a witticism. Mr Dunne was quite young, almost baby-faced, despite the bald head, I think he must have been well qualified. I remember him as a kindly man who over-ruled a Bradshaw decision and allowed me a day's absence to go on an outing with my former school. Bradshaw, in Dunne's absence refused point blank. Fortunately for me the secretary informed Dunne on his return, and I got my day out in Southport.

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    Hello, Brian Okie here. I just joined today. I am one of the Walton Tech boys from Carisbrooke Road. I usually attend the Class Reunion once or twice a year held at the Adelphi Hotel. People who do remember me often quote the fact that I often brought my dad's accordion in and played it, also that my pal Chris S. and I usually performed last night's Goon Show (and did all the voices too!) I was caned many times for laughing in lessons. Chris S and I were noted for not taking part in sports and we preferred to talk about Western films and especially Lee Van Cleef!

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    Brian Okie and C Smith did indeed treat us to the latest new craze Goon Show the day after broadcast.
    As stated before the 52-57 lads meet regularly. I would recommend other years to get together before it's too late, 4 of our lads have passed away since our first meeting in 2002.
    Incidentally, a 53-58 lad who made it good was Kevin Dooley, lawyer to many Liverpool FC stars. He died some years ago, with many of his famous clients mourning at his funeral.

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