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Thread: Grovehurst Ave, Dovecot

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    Default Grovehurst Ave, Dovecot

    I notice, from Google Earth, that all of the houses on Grovehurst Ave have been demolished. Was there any special reason, or is this just the start of a re-development program for Dovecot?



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    Murcote Road has gone too...that's just off Finch Lane.
    I think it's part of a development for that area. Seems daft as the houses were fully modernised not that many years ago!!

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    Smile Grovehurst Avenue

    Grovehusrt Avenue, along with a few of the roads close by, was knocked down towards the end of 2001. The residents were never given a reason but they all had to be out and the houses knocked down by a certain date. It was generally thought that the deadline was there to allow the Council to qualify for some sort of development grant.

    They paid the "market value" to all of the owner occupiers and re-housed the tennats.

    As you can see, on Google, the area is still flattened and has been surrounded by steel fencing ever since the site was cleared over 6/7 years ago. What a shame - it broke up neighbours who had lived together since it was built in the 1930's. My grandparents were amongst the first to move into Grovehurst when they moved into no. 26, my parents then had the house until it was knocked down.

    Would love to hear off any old neighbours.


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