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    From the Wartime Website http://liverpoolremembrance.weebly.c...t-shelter.html

    Today is the 70th Anniversary of this event.

    The Rocket air raid shelter was on a triangular piece of land between Oakvale Church and the Rocket flyover, close to The Gardener's Arms pub at the junction of Broadgreen Road/ Edge Lane Drive. The exact spot where the shelter stood is unknown, but it was within this area. It was an ' E Type ' Shelter ( Built in the shape of the letter E ) and was also built into the ground for extra protection.

    On the night of 3rd May 1941 many people had made their way into the shelter as the heavy bombing raid took hold, Many had come out of a local dance hall looking for shelter as the sirens rang. Sadly the shelter took a direct hit that left many dead and injured.
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    Thanks for these reminders Spike.
    We shouldn't forget.
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Cheers Mart

    As you know yourself the Rocket shelter is hardly mentioned anywhere. It's very overlook in history.

    We were lucky to find Norman and have his story. Thanks to you as well Mart as you have put a lot into this one
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