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Thread: Liverpool.

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    Default Liverpool.

    My son and i are coming to Liverpool next year i came for the day 4 yrs ago and not much time to look. So what 5 Places would be not to miss next year..


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    If I was showing anybody around our city I would certainly take them to the two cathedrals, the town hall, and St Georges hall - not forgetting William Brown st with the art gallery and museum.

    If I had the time I would like to show them our historic halls such as Croxteth, Knowsley and Speke hall.

    it goes without saying that you would see the waterfront, you can't come to L'pool and not see the ferry and Liver birds

    .. depends what your interests are really. Some people want to do the Beatles tour, others might want to see grand buildings. some are interested in the arts like the Tate and the Walker.

    There is so much to see here depending on your time limit.

    For a whistle stop tour the cathedrals and waterfront are a must.
    You can't miss St George's Hall when you whizz past to your next stop !
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    I'd say:

    1/ St George's Hall
    2/ Mersey Ferry
    3/ Anglican Cathedral
    4/ Pier Head
    5/ Albert Dock

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