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Thread: Is This For Real?

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    Default Is This For Real?

    Roll up Roll up,

    For what must be a flat ( sorry apartment ) that must surely be built by heineken.

    Top of the list, The Unity Building, Rumford Place, Liverpool.

    I was thinking about buying the whole block at that price.

    Peace and Happiness....Gaz

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    Nice and cheap........Not. I would want my own country estate for that!!!!!!!!!!!
    Life is what you make it

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    I think it's a typo!

    Looking at the pictures I would feel ripped off if I paid more than £140k for such a rabbit hutch and as for the quality furnishing... I can't even believe it's £400k. It's certainly not £4m

    For £4m you could buy Ullet Grange (not the prettiest of buildings it has to be said) and have £3.1m to spend on doing it up or on buying other things to while away an hour or two.

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    Whatever the price,I don't like it.I couldn't live in a tall building and would prefer to live in a house with History if possible

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