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    Default ANZAC DAY

    April 25th is ANZAC Day

    Lest we forget our Australian and New Zealand Comrades
    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    AUSTRALIA'S newest military hero has saluted the oldest and delivered a stark reminder that Australians are still locked in deadly combat 96 years after the Anzac legend began.

    As more than 100,000 Australians, roughly the same number to have died in war, gathered at Anzac Day services around the world, Corporal Ben Roberts-Smith marched in Sydney's parade for the first time since winning the Victoria Cross in Afghanistan last year.

    He honoured not only the original Anzacs who stormed ashore at Gallipoli in 1915 but all who have served since, including 10 of his comrades who have died in Afghanistan in the past year.

    “Acts of real courage are still being carried out on the front line today and every day,” he said.

    “I have friends who will be putting their lives at risk today as they try to ensure that terrorism does not flourish.”
    Corporal Roberts-Smith, who single-handedly stormed an enemy machine gun position in Afghanistan, described public support during the march as “overwhelming”.

    The feeling was clearly mutual as teenage defence force cadets surrounded him afterwards, calling him a hero and an inspiration.

    “It (meeting him) made my day,” said cadet Madison Hollamby, 14.

    From Australia to the shores of Gallipoli and battle sites in Asia and Europe, Australians remembered all of their war dead, but the grief from losses in Afghanistan is the most recent and clearly the keenest.

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    Second Lieutenant Upham

    Charles Hazlitt Upham was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, on 21 September 1908. He was a 2nd Lieutenant (later Captain) in the 20th Battalion, 2nd N.Z.E.F (The Canterbury Regiment).

    Between 22 and 30 May 1941 in Crete, Greece, 2nd Lieutenant Upham displayed outstanding leadership and courage in the very close quarter fighting. He was blown up by one mortar shell and badly wounded by another. He was also wounded in the foot, but in spite of his wounds and a severe attack of dysentery, he refused to go to hospital. He carried a wounded man back to safety when his company was forced to retire on 22 May 1941 and on 30 May 1941 he beat off an attack at Sphankia, 22 Germans falling to his short range fire. This award was published in the London Gazette on 14 October 1941.

    On 14-15 July 1942 at El Ruweisat Ridge, Western Desert, Captain Upham, in spite of being twice wounded, insisted on remaining with his men. Just before dawn he led his company in a determined attack, capturing the objective after fierce fighting; he himself destroyed a German tank and several guns and vehicles with hand grenades. Although his arm had been broken by a machine-gun bullet, he continued to dominate the situation and when at last, weak from loss of blood, he had his wounds dressed, he immediately returned to his men, remaining with them until he was again severely wounded and unable to move. After being captured, Lieutenant Upham spent the rest of the war as a POW in Colditz Castle. The bar to his second VC was published in the London Gazette on 26 September 1945.

    Charles Upham died in New Zealand in November 1994, aged 86.

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    Thank you, Spike, Oudeis, and Lizzie.

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