From the St Paul's Memorial website

Edmond enlisted at Liverpool on 6th December 1915, giving his age as 23 years and 8 months, occupation as a Tram Driver, and address as 3 Albany Road, Old Swan, Liverpool. He states he has served before with the 4th West Lancashire, Howitzer regiment. Edward is 5 feet 11 inches tall, weighs 135 pounds, and has a good physical development. He has a large scar 4 inches above his left ankle and a mark to the left of his nose. He also has two Hammer toes, though not considered suffucient for service rejection.

His next of kin is listed as his wife Cecelia of 3 Albany Road. Two later addresses are given as 56 Southgate Road, Liverpool, and 79 Woodhall Road, Old Swan, Liverpool. Edward married Cecelia Reynolds on 23rd April 1911 in Old Swan, Liverpool. A 1920 Army pension document list Edward's children as Cecelia born 29th May 1912, and Kenneth born 7th April 1914. It also list his father as Thomas, his mother as deceased, and a sister Gertrude aged 32.

Edward is placed on the Army reserve list, and on 26th April 1917 he is mobilized and posted three days later to the Cheshire regiment. He trains with them in the Uk before leaving for France on 9th October 1917. He serves in Europe until 15th November 1917 when he is taken to a Army hospital suffering from Bronchitis. It is serious enough for the Army to send him back to the Uk on 27th November 1917, where two days later he is admitted to General hospital in Nottingham.

A hospital report notes on admission Edward was short of breath with pain and tightness in chest. His chest was full of Mucas that was slow in clearing up. Another report from the hospital dated 28th January 1918 notes that his illness was followed by a sharp attack of follicular tonsillitis. T.B had been tested for in the sputum but was not found.

Edward leaves hospital and is posted to the Cheshire regiment depot on 13th March 1918. On 25th April 1918 he is fined 5 days pay for being absent. He returns to France on 24th May 1918 and rejoins his regiment. Sadly just weeks later on 26th June 1918 Edward is killed in action.