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Thread: New Brighton... The Last Resort

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    Default New Brighton... The Last Resort

    I took a few photos in New Brighton yesterday that you may like to see.

    Marine Park Bowling Club. I like the green in that one.

    Summer's here and don't the plants look great.

    I've got quite a collection of photographs of the three Victorian shelters on the promenade. It's great that they are still there and I love them, but it does upset me to see the state that they are in...

    New Brighton really is the Last Resort. It's almost a forgotten town. This is the abandoned Mini Golf course next to the Palace and the Floral Pavilion.

    My Great Nan (born in 1903) grew up in Belmont Road, just behind the Palace. Her mother ran one of the many guest houses in the town. I'll always remember the stories she used to tell me about the way New Brighton used to be.

    She told me about when she would sit in the front garden and watch the lift of the tower going up and down and about the crowds coming on the ferry from Liverpool.

    It's almost unbelievable now that the town used to be a thriving resort. It's absolutely dead, but there is something I love about New Brighton and I think it is a great place to take photographs.

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    I've played crazy golf at that abandoned course, many moons ago.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Hi Ross

    Many thanks for sharing your photographs of New Brighton with us, as well as your thoughts and family stories. Wonderful stuff.

    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
    Chris on Flickr and on MySpace

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    I remember using the Crazy Golf course, in the late 50's early 60's. A realy
    sad site to see, I also remember the old Fair now a housing estate.

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    I remember walking up and down there with my auntie when I was young. Not been there for years though. I didn't realise what a state it was all in now.

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    I aint been to New Brighton since the 1960's. Is the funfair still there ?

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    I go back to forties and early fifties, I loved Newbrighton, it was like a whole new world to me, I would look at the ships sailing in and outof the river, it was the start of my 42 year sea career, i am sorry to see as it is now.

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    I keep meaning to go over some time when I get back but I never go in the summer (I couldn't miss the footy).

    I have some fond memories though as a kid in the late 50's and early 60's,
    jostling for position to try and be the first off the packed ferry boats, that rickety old cable lift that you felt was never going to make it to the top of the tower building, those cheesy "what the butler saw" viewers that looked like they belonged in the 1860's (and probably did), the Roller Coaster (figure 8 ?) what was it called ? and going over to Fort Perch Rock and then realising that the tide had started to come in over the causeway.
    A small belief can mean you'll never walk alone

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    Default NEW BRIGHTON, centre of my childhood world

    My uncle used to work on the fair rides in the summer. I went over one day and got a free ride on the walzer at the age of seven, I was terrified.

    Used to do the crazy golf too when I was a bit older.

    Went over many a time with my granma, who was my guardian and had fish chips and peas in a cafe there washed down with a smashing big brown pot of tea. Lovely grub

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    Unhappy fair on the hill

    hi, are there any photo,s of the fair on the hill before the big fire distroyed the ballroom...............i remember running up the gangway of the ferryboat and straight onto the electric dodgem,s great days sadly gone......

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    Quote Originally Posted by Store 3 View Post
    hi, are there any photo,s of the fair on the hill before the big fire distroyed the ballroom...............i remember running up the gangway of the ferryboat and straight onto the electric dodgem,s great days sadly gone......
    Go to "Old Liverpool" (see link below) and click on any of the photos that exacta2a has submitted.
    That'll take you to all his photos.
    He's posted one today (admittedly not his own, but it'll take you to his flickr page).
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    What a shame, when you think back to the 50s early 60s when
    people used to come from places like Bolton for a weeks holiday.
    I remember going many times for a day out, donkey rides, candy floss
    the dodgem cars. I have an old pic somewere, if I can find it I will
    post it.

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    A seaside resort so close to a city with an expanding tourist trade would be great especially if it had a pier where the worlds most famous ferry's could drop off their passengers, maybe even some Hotels and even a Fair!
    Let's hope that the past repeats itself.
    I go to New Brighton about once a month, the kids love the arcade and crabbing on the beach, and it's a great place to watch the ships! Just such a pity it's only busy enough to bring in some cash on Bank Holidays.

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    It would be fantastic to have those attractions back.

    Wish we still had the pier. As you say, it would be great for dropping off tourists there, and they could get a good view form the other side of the L'pool waterfront.

    I suppose the cost to rebuild a pier would be huge.

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