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Thread: Kensington Libarary (rear)

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    Default Kensington Libarary (rear)

    I took this because it was very atmospheric, with the sun shining on the rear
    and dark storm clouds in the background.

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    Fine photograph, drone_pilot!

    Christopher T. George
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    Lovely photo

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    I love a dark sky - it makes the buildings glow.

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    Great pic d p..

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    Default Kensington Library

    Hi All,Some one will have to look up the Post Office history book,My Dad was a butcher at Tommy Rose's.My Mum worked for my Uncle Joe Owens Fish Shop No 236 I think.It was a month ot two befor the war.Me and a mate sorry can't remember his name,he lived in Holdsworth Street.were walking past the Library and we had got within 30 yards of the street after the Library towards the City.These four guys came running round the corner one came towards us,one raan towards town and the other two crossed the Road to the other side.The guy that came to us, I think I could recognise his face even today.In a braod Irish accent he said,"Come on me lads walk back the way you came" and saying also to an elderly,who was just behind us.He was very gentle with her and just held her elbow and kept his eye on us.We just got in front of the Library and there was this Big Bang.Then he just said,"Its OK now you can go your way its safe" He took off down the side of the Library and I think it was a playing field in those days.We started to walk back and got to the corner and the Letter Box was scattered all over the road and a few letters, a couple which were smouldering.A couple of Police
    Men arrived and about 10 minutes later a Police Car with three Guys in Suits.
    I Reckon our Irish guy would have been on the Dublin boat by then.We got asked a few questions and the Elderly Lady she gave the Guys in the Suits a right rollicking.We lived in Anfield,but I loved Kensington,so many neat shops.
    and always so well lit up.Best Regards Ken Berry
    ps Its great of you to be doing so much Research Steve.My Uncle Joe and Aunt Doddy Owens their Daughter married a Ken Faragher.Managed to see them at "The Ring of Bells" in West Kirby in 1992.Maybe a rellie of yours.Never had any replies from a few letters I sent.Keep Up The Good Work.

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