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Thread: St Peter’s, Church Street, 1880

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    Default St Peter’s, Church Street, 1880

    One of the greatest losses to Liverpool’s architectural heritage was to its city centre churches. In 1899, both St George’s Church (in Derby Square) and St John’s Church in Old Haymarket were demolished (the latter being fairly universally disliked for its rather crude Gothic design). The elegant church of St Thomas in Park Lane was [...]


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    Great pic' Colin! The present, sad state of the Lyceum,makes me wonder though....???

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    I think it would have been a huge problem to maintain the empty churches thus named because after the city centre slums and residences were cleared along went the congregations that they catered for.

    We seem to be struggling to maintain the historic ones we have today (St James?) so one could argue that they were a painful but inevitable loss.

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    Brilliant photo.

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