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    Default Liverpool University Developments

    I don't believe we have a thread on this. Currently the old Mechanical Engineering tower block is being demolished (nearly gone now, in fact). The link block to the Harrison Hughes building has gone, and redevelopment work is underway. I've read that the Victoria Building is to be converted into a museum, with a cafe and glass lift in the clock tower. New labs and teaching facilities in the adjoining Walker Building.

    Mech. Eng. Tower

    Virtually demolished entirely now, save for the lower two floors. Some laboratory equipment remains (wind tunnels, I think). Possibly this will be retained for the new developments, along with the first floor lecture theatre.

    Harrison Hughes / Walker Buildings

    Most of the rooms have been stripped out for refitting. The old roofspaces and lofts I expect will be left as they are. The main Walker lecture theatre remains, I'm guessing to be incorporated into new developments. The departmental offices are stripped out, and most of the laboratories are empty. Looks like a complete gutting-out and refitting in there.

    Victoria Building

    All glazed brickwork protected with flame-retardant pannelling. Virtually unchanged so far, but I assume work will really start to progress soon. Clocktower in good condition, along with the bells. The clock and bells will all remain where they are (surely?), with the cafe built below. That'll be quite interesting to see.

    Jack Leggit lecture theatre is still intact - not sure what they'll make of it. I heard once that the insides were originally taken from the Royal Infirmary, where they were used as a circular lecture room for students to watch autopsies. Would be interesting to hear more on that.

    Tate Hall (as mentioned elsewhere, funded by Henry Tate, the sugar magnate) is also untouched, but I'm sure will be tastefully renovated. All in all it's an exciting development of some very historical buildings. In fact, I believe the term 'Red Brick University' was coined here.

    Extra bit of history - the clock bears a plaque saying that it was funded by William Hartley, who of course ran the jam factory in Aintree. I love it how all these historical Liverpool buildings have interwoven history.

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    Great stuff, as usual

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    Default Victoria Building Clock Tower & Wm Hartley

    I loved the photos - do you have any more?
    There is a biography of Sir William Hartley available on the web, written by Arthur Peake D.D. (published 1926, Hodder & Stoughton), hosted by Project Gutenberg Australia, which mentions the clock.
    Hartley apparently read in the newspapers that donations were being sought for a clock at what was then University College Liverpool, and so he bought a clock and chimes which were set in motion on Tuesday, November 15th 1892. He also gave funds for a Botanical Laboratory.


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    Worked next door to the Vic three years ago in the Aston and George Holt buildings.Had a look around the Vic.Very impressed,the ceramic work in the entance is fantastic.I will have to see when it is open to the pubic.The bloke that looks after all the art and old bits ,Matthew I think,knows his stuff.I had a chat with him for about an hour about the buildings and he told me then of the plans for the Vic.

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