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Thread: New Excavations at the Williamson Tunnels

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    Default New Excavations at the Williamson Tunnels

    Over the past few weeks a thorough archeological investigation has been carried out on part of the land known to have once belonged to 'The Mole of Edge Hill', Joseph Williamson.

    The work is the first professional excavation that has ever been carried out on the Williamson Tunnels.

    The dig has uncovered a previously unseen major Williamson Tunnel as well as the foundations of the old stable buildings and a previously unknown roadway.

    We at the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre have been privileged to have a prime view of the excavations on Smithdown Lane and can present to you some of the fantastic images :

    Aerial view of the archaeolgical survey site in front of the Williamson Tunnels Heritage Centre.
    The remains of a tunnel can be seen in the centre of the photograph.

    A ground level view of the newly uncovered remains of tunnel. The tunnel runs east to west under the Heritage Centre and may once have intersected a known tunnel running north to south under the Heritage Centre car park.

    The narrow tunnel discovered beneath the construction site in front of the Hertage Centre.

    The interior of the narrow tunnel discovered beneath the construction site in front of the Heritage Centre.

    On the right of this photograph is the newly uncovered cobbled roadway with a slab-covered trench running alongside it. Both the roadway and the trench have been bisected by the later sewer trench which runs diagonally across the photo.

    These new discoveries and the fully excavated section of Williamson's Tunnels can be seen during the normal opening hours of the Heritage Centre on Smithdown Lane.

    We are very excited about the possibilties of these excavations and we will continue to upadate our website at:

    All images copyright JWS 2011.

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    And so interesting
    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    ....can't see nuffin'?????

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    Brilliant, nice pictures. I'll have to have a gander.

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    Fascinating. Have to get down there for a look.

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    Default Latest News

    Stable Yard Development
    Thursday April 14th, 2011

    Following the intensive archaeological investigations that were carried out on the site in front of the Heritage Centre work is once more underway on constructing the block of student accommodation.

    Considerable effort has been expended by all parties involved to find a suitable method of protecting the structures that were discovered beneath the site.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	New Tunnel Foundations.jpg 
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    The photograph shows part of the foundations with the concrete pads which will carry specially designed reinforced concrete beams that will span the buried structures leaving them untouched beneath the building.

    The decision to cover over the structures is standard procedure in cases where archaeology needs to be protected and is the method used around twelve years ago to protect the structures discovered beneath the site of the student village which was constructed on Paddington.

    The structures at Paddington and now those at Smithdown Lane will probably not be seen again for a generation or more but at least they have been fully recorded and protected.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	The High Llamas.jpg 
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    In other news; another band night is in the works, again thanks to Harvest Sun the Williamson Tunnels can welcome the beautiful music of The High Llamas supported by Liverpool's own Neville Skelly.

    Latest news and more can be found at:

    Images Copyright
    © 2011 Joseph Williamson Society
    © 2011 Harvest Sun Promotions

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