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Thread: Falkner street houses

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    Default Falkner street houses

    Most of these if not all? are 3 to 4 flats inside but....

    2 living rooms are on the ground floor and 2 on the second floor,now then kitchens are on the second floor also and bedrooms on the third floor.

    Have ever heard of anything more rediculous than that?always wondered why half the properties are empty in Falkner I know why.

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    Fantastic houses these.

    Basements had huge kitchens in at one time.

    Ground floor where reception rooms.

    2nd floor Living room and study.

    3rd Bedrooms.

    attic Servants.
    BE NICE......................OR ELSE

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    For the benefit of the tape.... and male servent quarters
    first room and dining room...L at the front...D at the back
    second floor...bedrooms
    attic...female servent quarters

    Get it right Spike.

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    Depends what size house. There are two sizes. the bigger ones have 3 floors.

    The larger ones are as I said.
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    In Falkner st,the houses contain 3 floors above the basement.


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    Not so George

    Look at the Blackburne arms pub. The houses next door are as you say.

    Go along about 6 houses and they get bigger.

    I know I worked on most of them.
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    Get it right Georgie
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Get it right Georgie
    I did.

    If there was enough room in there for a 5th flat I'm sure the housing association would have utilised the space ie the attic.

    I thought it was scrupulous landlords that only did this,turns out the big housing associations are the biggest scrupulous ones....sardines in a can,should be a law against this type of accomodation.

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    Look at the street George.

    The houses get bigger near to Hope street.
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    Maybe these photos help: they show the smaller houses at the Catharine Street end. Although I haven't got shots of the taller houses towards Hope Street, I agree that that is the case.
    The Blackburne Arms

    Showing the cobbles that this end of Falkner Street still possesses, much beloved by TV crews working on Dickensian dramas

    Incidentally, No.36 with the red door was rented by Brian Epstein in the '60s and he made it available to John Lennon and Cynthia. They spent their wedding night here.

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    and here's how it used to look in the 50's/60's

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    incidentally, No.36 with the red door was owned by Brian Epstein
    No,he rented the flat for £4 a week and handed over the keys to J&C whilst they found alternative accomodation

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    I dare say half of them were empty in the '50s and '60s, George, but it's certainly not true now: they're much sought after.

    And don't most of the houses in Falkner Street, like those in Canning Street, have 5 storeys if you count basements and attics? Spike had it right, methinks...

    Perhaps you need to be a little more scrupulous in checking your posts too: don't you mean unscrupulous?

    BTW, I stand corrected over Brian Epstein and No.36 - I've corrected my post accordingly...

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    don't you mean unscrupulous?
    Nope,the agents have carefully planned out the maximum space to get the maximum rent.

    ---------- Post added at 10:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:39 PM ----------

    For the benefit of MrDoh....

    If I own a house and want to rent it out as 4 flats,I would work out the exact detail or requirements to accomodate four individual flats....this is whats known as being scrupulous. ie paying attention to detail.

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    I stand corrected over Brian Epstein and No.36
    It was his knocking shop fo his homosexuality tendancies,heavens he couldn't let the family know he was gay.

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