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Thread: Something evil this way comes-it’s the Tom Slemen Challenge

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    Default Something evil this way comes-it’s the Tom Slemen Challenge

    Something evil this way comes-it’s the Tom Slemen Challenge

    Well imagine my surprise when ghost hunter, spinner of tale tales, and writer of books manages to incorporate one of my relatives in this week’s tall tale column in the Liverpool Echo tonight (Saturday).

    Apparently in the story about the “Cone of Power” the name “Faragher” was written in a sacred circle by a group of people worse than Satanist (Jehovah’s Witnesses?) in a language spoken by Angels in the Bible (Anglish?) who live in Kensington (wow that’s where I live, what are the chances of that happening) and then miles and miles away in another city (where) a man called Faragher dropped dead at the keyboard of his compute..........uh......thump.................... .......

    No it’s OK I’m still alive the Cone of Power didn’t have the desired effects, maybe try the Chicken Madras of Evil or the Spare Ribs of Satan, they usually keep me on the throne of power for several hours.

    Right the challenge to Tom is can he get me the full name of the “Faragher” who dropped dead, which city it took place in and the date. I will then “research” (Oh my God Tom I used the “R” word) and find out whether this mysterious event took place.

    Anyone fancy a bet, I’ve got some great odds on this one.

    Actually I’m a bit flattered that a man of letters such as Tom has managed to fit me into his stories, now have I ever told you the one about the great Edge Lane Timeslip....hang on I haven’t written it yet
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    Default no news from Tom yet

    still havent had any news from Tom, no details about my dead relative so I can check the details, hope he hasnt been cursed by the Kensington "worse than" satanists. You've got to read the one in lat night's Echo about an Orang Utan called Muldoon, ha ha ha

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    Default no news is made up news

    Well I could say that Tom Slemen has risen to the challenge and supplied me with requested details about my dead relative found slumped at his computer but alas and alack, nothing has been forthcoming.

    I suppose I could take a leaf out of.... and go and make it all up?

    jsut in case you want to "teach yourself Enochian" to cast spells.....

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