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    Oh, crutch, you make me pay. How much
    I lean on you! Perhaps next time, we'll go Dutch?

    Oh, bishop's crozier, shepherd's crook,
    how fashionable you make me look!

    Oh, divining rod! To help my broken leg -- my gift from God!
    Crutch, I use you to part crowds. Please don't think it odd.


    I pronounce my injury: ma blessure!
    Announce it to everyone as if it's a blessing.

    I whisper, "Fractured distal fibula -- left peg."
    Folk, take pity on me and my throbbing leg.

    But, unhappy, put-upon world, how you too ache!
    I offer these impoverished thoughts for mankind's sake.

    Accept these words. I've nothing else to give. You see,
    I am but a poor wordsmith. And they do come free!

    Christopher T. George
    Christopher T. George
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    I was almost afraid to look at this , for fear of what crutch you might be writing about !!!

    Hope the pain eases soon though Chris ..
    You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it.
    Malcolm X

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