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Thread: Chemist Old Swan

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    All chemists now have a private cubicle
    No they don't,this is down to the discretion of the chemist and how bad the area is for drug users.

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    Old swan is fine. Nice place to live
    Funny that...not many applicants are applying for houes and flats there on the propertypool,wonder why that is?

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    I know that people are using that chemist in Old Swan who do not live in the area. Outsiders are being sent to it.

    This is a fact. Go ask the girls in there.

    As I have already said Old Swan is a nice area. No druggies have ever troubled me or mine while I have lived there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GeorgePorgie View Post

    Funny that...not many applicants are applying for houes and flats there on the propertypool,wonder why that is?
    Where are the flats and houses in Old Swan that are available on the housing? can you name some streets please.

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    We have friends wanting to move into the area. They rent and have had their names on the housing for a house in Old Swan. 3 years they have waited. They where told it could take 10 years.

    I must put them onto you Georgie so you can show them all the empty houses up for grabs.
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    St. Oswald House

    Oh.. no they've gone.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    They've just revealed the newly modernised / painted "Baden House", good it looks too
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    It does look good Mart. Way better than it looked before.
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    Baden House looks fantastic............wouldn't mind a flat there myself!

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    My comments were not about the Swan but the situation, I worked in Old Swan in the 70's / 80's and when I got married to a girl from Old Swan we bought our first house in MacFarren Street moving on later to Broadgreen . Old Swan is still a great shopping area and a good place to get on the housing ladder. It offers a wide range of housing styles and has good transport/road links ....better stop I'm turning into an estate agent

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