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Thread: Cranborne Road Murder.

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    Default Cranborne Road Murder.

    In 1951 Beatrice Rimmer was bludgeoned to death in her home, with robbery the supposed motive. Two Mancunians Edward Devlin and Alfred Burns were later hung for the murder after investigations led by Bert Balmer, who would appear to have 'fitted up' George Kelly and Charles Connolly over the Cameo murders.

    The evidence against the two accused was largely circumstantial, involving eye witness accounts by people of questionable character and the defendants failure to provide a suitable alibi. No murder weapon or fingerprints were ever found, nor did anyone ever see the them go into the house.

    I'm convinced that this is, like the Cameo case, a miscarriage of justice. Here's some links:-


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    Hello. Check this thread out.

    There are also others about the Cameo murder and Herbert Balmer if you use the search facility on the top right.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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