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Thread: UFO sighting in Liverpool Jan 7th 2009 at 4.30pm.

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    Default UFO sighting in Liverpool Jan 7th 2009 at 4.30pm.

    Did anyone else see a possible UFO sighting in Liverpool today (Jan 7th 2009 at 4.30pm). I took the following photo of what looked like a missile or rocket? rising from the skyline in Liverpool. I was stood near Catharine Street and the object appeared to be rising from near the Albert Dock direction. As I spotted it, there was also a trail of what seemed to be another object that was traveling in the opposite direction, towards the ground. The object I captured on camera (my iPhone) continued to rise and then changed direction completely and started to move towards the Anglican Cathedral area and beyond very quickly. I went back home to get my video camera and captured about 10 seconds by which time it was moving away even further and I stopped filming. I have never seen anything like this before and wondered what it could be.

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    The youtube film has been removed by the user. Possibly after being told it was a chinese lantern

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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