Jona, notice you mentioned you're into 3D with your Sony experience etc, seen this? Pat Neill of Liverpool monuments copied me in on it yesterday, don't know if it's any interest to you or anyone else on here, sounds like it would be good.

On 5/23/07, jeff bruce <> wrote:

Thanks for sparing the time to speak to me yesterday. Just to outline what I am proposing to do. The main idea is to show Liverpool's history from 1207 through to now. This will be shown through the latest 3D high definition technology, so for example, you would be in Dale Street in 1207 surrounded in 3D HD or experiencing what the blitz was like during the war. There are two methods of 3D these days. There is the wearing of special glasses that your probably familiar with, but with the latest high definition screens the effect is very realistic, as if you are right next to the subject on the screen. The second method is using the latest 3D HD televisions. These screens don't require glasses as the 3D effect comes at you from the screens. The pixels on sreen are manipulated at different angles so as to throw the picture out at you. They come in different sizes up to 42" wide. The best effect will be with the glasses approach and use the TV screens to show further pieces of
Liverpool's history, such as Kitty Wilkinson's story.

We need a showcase to attract interest in this idea, so I thought of producing a 3D HD story of Liverpool Castle to show the potential of this medium. There is enough material to graphically reproduce the Castle through computerisation and then render it to look very realistic. I think the interest would be enormous in Liverpool for this kind of project, plus the potential to attract visitors would also be a big plus. I would be keen to set up a schools programme to allow school visits during the week so that the children can find out more about their city and it's origins.

Both ideas are ambitious but the potential is tremendous. There is nothing like this in the country. Disney have just built 160 3D HD screens in the USA so it's going to happen here sooner or later.

There were several names you mentioned yesterday.

Fred O'brien
Andrew Pierce
Rob Ainsworth
Ian Harvey
Mike Kelly

If you could possibly give some contact details that would be fine. It's a case of putting everything together. Funding, help with the history, and co-ordinating the marketing for the project.

If you think of anything in the meantime put that on as well. I can be contacted on (0151) 632 3615, mobile 07979615627.

Many thanks Pat, and look forward to hearing from you.

Jeff Bruce