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Thread: 1911 Transport strike - 100th anniversary.

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    Default 1911 Transport strike - 100th anniversary.

    Just been handed this cracking book/calendar showing photographs of the transport strike (some of which I already have from the LRO and on my site) but more interestingly for me, a detailed day by day account of what was going on with the strike on this day in 1911.

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    For example....

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    Tom Mann addressing the crowd. A familiar picture when investigating the strike. Tom Mann close off Christian Street, Liverpool 3 is named after him. The location there is because Transport House, Union HQ was there until the 1970s and replaced by the Union Building that is there now at the head of the flyovers.

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    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Here u go Ged, some images courtesy LRO, apologees for any duplicates:
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    The mural, shown on the cover, is located at the bottom of 'Dingle Steps' (Southern end of Grafton Street)

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    Interesting discovery Ged.

    Here's Andrew Marr's The Making of Modern Britain - 2. Road to War - Part 4

    The Liverpool 1911 strike is featured about 3:20 into the video.

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    It is interesting that the year that saw the crowning of the Liver Building with the Liver Birds was also the year of such tumult and disorder.

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