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    Based in Edge Lane, Liverpool's Automatic Telephone & Electric Company are using this working model of London's Piccadilly Circus to test how traffic signals will control the traffic. Taken in 1937, the construction produced by Liverpool know how was so successful, it took pride of place at London's Public Works and Road Transport Exhibition that year.

    Photo and information with thanks to the Liverpool Echo.

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    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    Brrom, brrooom, sqweekkk. Ah yes. Those were the days. As I recall I had no thought of pedestrians way back then either.

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    Makes sense, it was all relay logic back then and relays were what they made in that plant.

    I remember a trip a bit later in the 60's watching all the women adjusting minature relay springs under microscopes - must have been hard on the eyes.

    We were in the main corridor just before quitting time and our guide said we had better move - he was right! The corridor became one mass of running workers, if we had stayed there we would have been swept all the way to the bus stops...

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