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Thread: Liverpool Art Controversy of 1894

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    Default Liverpool Art Controversy of 1894

    Hi all

    Here's a local connection to a law case involving the image of a painting that featured in a London newspaper of 1894 that the local authorities tried to stop being circulated in Liverpool.

    Leopold Greenberg, editor of the Pick-me-up, a weekly illustrated paper, published an image of "Phoebe", a painting by Louis Perrey of a nude woman. Liverpool Corporation sought to declare the image obscene under the Obscene Publications Act of 1857 and claimed the right to destroy the copies of the newspaper. In 1910, Greenberg, as editor of the Jewish Chronicle, would challenge retired Scotland Yard official Sir Robert Anderson's claim that Jack the Ripper was a Jew.

    The following newspaper article is posted here by courtesy of Howard Brown at JtR Forums.

    Liverpool Mercury , Saturday, July 21, 1894:

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    Phoebe, what a fox, you can see why the morally stiff Victorians raised a frowned eyebrowed objection to her. Gladstone would have had to give himself a good 'ole flogging [as he was occasioned to do] to forget about this beauty?

    Obscene Publications Act 1857 - DH Lawrence's book Lady Chatterley's Lover fell foul of this as late as 1960.
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