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Thread: Durning Road Bombing - Liverpool And Merseyside Remembered

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    Default Durning Road Bombing - Liverpool And Merseyside Remembered

    Have a good luck at this peeps


    The Ernest Brown Junior Instructional Centre on Durning Road in Edge Hill, was chosen as the site for a Air raid shelter during WW2. Its basement, and in paticular its Boiler room with its reinforced ceiling offered protection to the public from the enemy bombs falling nearby.

    On the evening of 28th November 1940 the warning was given, and local people started making their way towards the shelter. Men, women and children dressed warm, and mothers wrapped their babies in blankets to protect from the cold night. Two trams stopped outside the building and the passengers joined those already inside the shelter. In all over 300 people entered the basement as the bombs began to fall.

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    Saw this on another forum. So very sad.

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    I've heard there is another memorial. I'll have to check this location but this could be it:
    Google Streetview:,,3,10.62

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    There is a memorial at Old College Place.

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    Cheers Mark

    I was told about this. They said its in a little close. Ive not had time to go up there yet.
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