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    What a truly amazing building! I was scared I might miss out on this as I'm away this weekend, but managed to find time during the day to go and see it. I'd thought it was just the magnificent Minton floor on display, but soon found that the cells and court were also open for viewing.

    An excellent opportunity then to see part of the building I'd been wanting to get into for ages. The cells were nicely maintained, and parts of the original grafitti-scrawled paintwork had been preserved behind perspex windows which was a nice touch. I'd been in some unrefurbished cells earlier last year, so I didn't have much trouble imagining what it must have been like.

    Up some stairs was the holding cell, and finally I emerged into the court room itself. After a bit of frustration I managed to get some photos without people in them (sorry, but it spoils it a bit - not that I was bothered, I'm glad people are taking an interest in this place).

    Finally it was into the main hall to view the Minton floor. Simply breathtaking is the only way to describe it. The workmanship and architecture is second to none. I can't believe it's only recently that I've realised just what an amazing building St George's Hall is. I'd recommend everybody go and see this at the weekend - this is just unmissable.

    The Cells

    Court Room

    Hall and Minton Floor

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    Bravo , lovely snaps
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    Great shots dude. You had much more patience than me waiting for people to move.

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    I dunno, I did start getting a bit frustrated. I never blame the people though - it's not their fault I'm trying to take photos. In fact, sometimes I wish I didn't have a camera and that I spent more time enjoying places rather than trying to photograph them. For that reason I'd like to get back, but unless I get back to Liverpool at a reasonable time on Sunday it's unlikely.

    But a rare photo opportunity, and something I wouldn't have been aware of had it not been for your excellent shots Pete! So thanks for that.

    Again though I have to insist people go and see this...

    BTW, a shot of Prince Charles in one of the cells looking at the slops bucket was used for the caption competition on Have I Got News For You? tonight. Offerings included (in a suitable accent!) 'So how long have you been a bucket?' and 'My mother's going to kick you'.

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