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    I painted a picture of the " Nestor " for my old friend Harry Howell,(blue Funnel Ass. founder member) now sadly no longer with us .I thought there may be some old sea dogs that remember this great ship.She survived 2 world wars and was reputed to have the tallest funnel of any ship ever built.

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    Nice painting. I seem to recall seeing another painting of the Nestor in the Cornmarket pub in Fenwick Street, along with other atrefacts relating to the Nestorian Association. I think some ex-Blue Funnellers still meet up there each month.

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    thanks for posting Robbo,

    Perhaps if you drift in there one day you could maybe point them in the direction of the thread so they can evaluate my efforts in capturing their beloved " Nestor " , as I said the painting was done for one of their ilk, Harry Howell, in the first place .

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