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    Exclamation Promenade Shelters

    Promenade Shelters: I remember these very well, I'm referring to those that were along the promenade from around the Garden Festival area all the way back to then Cressington Park area. We used to climb on top and have lots of fun but then they were knocked down

    I'm after pics and memories of these shelters. Were they Art Deco?
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    There is still 1 by the britannia pub 100 yards towards City Quay appartmentshas seats is that what your after.Its by the area where cars park for a rest and a view of the mersey,there is sometimes a amobile cafe there up the hill

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    The Victorian promenade shelters in New Brighton are undergoing a long-awaited refurbishment.

    Last summer I was taking some photographs in New Brighton and thought to myself what a shame it is that the shelters have been neglected and vandalised for so long. I was going to write to Wirral BC and see if something could be done with them.

    It was to my surprise that just a few days later there was a letter in the Wirral News / Wirral Globe from somebody who was also saddened to see the state of the shelters. A few weeks later, the workers arrived to start work. Progress seems slow, but at least the damage is being repaired. I love these shelters, and I bet they are quite unique in this day and age.
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    What a beautiful picturesque structure.. I agree.. keep them there and refurbish.. Nice to sit under rain or shine.. great photo.. ta

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