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Thread: St.James Gardens/Cemetery,Lpool.Feb 09.

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    Arrow St.James Gardens/Cemetery,Lpool.Feb 09.

    This was a off the cuff moment really,i was testing out my new phone camera,thought id go for the b&w setting with the landscape setting,the pics that come out i think are not too bad....

    This is St.James cemertery/gardens deep in the heart of Liverpool & right at the foot of the Anglian catherdral. Its where over fifty thousand of Liverpools victorian dead lie rest in 10 acres of ground,a sunken churchyard in a former quarry. There is also a spring that was discoverd in 1773,which is still drinkable today.

    There are quite a few famous names who lay rest there,mainly to do with Liverpools history such as William Huskinsson who was an MP,he was run over by George Stephens rocket on 15th Sept 1830 & died....the 1st person to be run over by a train.

    Kitty Wilkinson,1786-1860, the woman who. during the great cholera epidemics of the 1830s,opened the doors of her small house,so that neighbours could wash their clothes in the only boiler house available,thus was born the idea of the washhouse.

    Edward Rushton,1756-1814,an 18th century radical & co-founder of the blind school in Liverpool.

    Robert Cain,1826-1907,co-founder of cains brewery in Liverpool.

    Harmond Banner 1783-1865,founder of the Liverpool boys & girls orphan asylum.......these are just a few names who lay rest there,there are others who also played a part in Liverpools history.

    ..William Huskinssons mausoleum.

    ..Liverpool spring..

    an old pic to finish off..thank you..
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    Many thanks for your pics, much appreciated

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    great photos

    so sad to see all those young ages on the headstones.

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    Great photos WIMR
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    Good photos WIMR, posting in B+W adds to the effect.

    Those gravestones tell a sad tale. 1868 on one tablet state six deaths.

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