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Thread: Victoria/Waterloo Tunnel,Liverpool.July 2010.

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    Arrow Victoria/Waterloo Tunnel,Liverpool.July 2010.

    Taken from Liverpool Wiki.
    This is one tunnel that changes its name along its run, however the whole tunnel is generally known as the Waterloo tunnel. An open cutting is the linking point of the two tunnels. The Victoria tunnel runs from Edge Hill in the east to the Byrom Street Cutting. The Waterloo tunnel runs from the Byrom Street Cutting to the Waterloo Goods Station in the west at Waterloo Dock.
    Bored under a metropolis, the 2.07 miles (3.34 km) Victoria/Waterloo Tunnel opened in 1848. Initially used only for rail freight. Passengers and freight operated in the tunnel from 1895. From 1895 the termination point of the line at the western end was the Riverside Station at the ship liner terminal at the Pier Head. The Waterloo Goods Station ceased operation in 1964.
    Used until 1972 the tunnel is still in excellent condition, being considered for reuse by the Merseyrail rapid transit rail system. Stations being cut into the tunnel are being considered at the Royal Liverpool Hospital. Reuse by a monorail system from the proposed Liverpool Waters redevelopment of Liverpool's Central Docks has been proposed.
    From Edge Hill in the east the tunnel is on a steep incline down to the north end Liverpool Docks. The tunnel contains a series of ventilation shafts which were used to remove the spoil when under construction. The Victoria Tunnel runs from Edge Hill to a large open cutting at Byrom St. From Byrom Street the tunnel then continues to the Waterloo Goods Depot changing its name to the Waterloo Tunnel.
    The picture to the right. The tunnel to the right is the disused 1848 Victoria tunnel. The Edge Hill portal is near the junction of Tunnel Road and Wavertree Road. The lines run into the tunnel for about a hundred metres for shunting purposes. The red sandstone above the tunnel is blackened by the smoke from trains.
    The tunnel to the left at the Edge Hill portal is the additional 1880s single track tunnel for Lime Street that runs for 50 yards into the cutting beyond, forming four lines running into Lime Street. It is still used as the overhead wires indicate. There is an additional single track tunnel the other side of the original two track 1836 tunnel to widen out to four tracks. The original 1836 tunnel is the centre of the station beyond the Merseyrail sign.

    Street cutting.

    Edge hill.

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    check my page on my site for more into on this tunnel

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    read this link it puts things in prospective we really don't realise how much railways cost if it cost £7.9 Million to reinstall a 300-metre stretch of railway track between Olive Mount Junction and Edge Lane Junction that provides access to the Canada Dock Branch there will be no reopening of any stations or tunnels or lines until i am a long time dead haha such a shame though maybe Bill Gates can help haha

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    The Last Use of the Waterloo Tunnel

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