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Thread: Sudley House Restoration

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    Default Sudley House Restoration

    Over the city at Mossley Hill, the elegant setting of Sudley House is being transformed into an old house with modern lighting. The gently winding carriageway that led from the beautiful stone gateway to the old house is to be widened to make way for visiting coaches, and there will be a turnaround for the masses of arty tourists. They have already started to chop down healthy mature trees to make way for yet another scheme to spoil things.

    There was a time when the splendid museums and galleries were safely owned and run by the city council, then Merseyside County Council. The council has clung on to the libraries, Croxteth Hall and the most famous of them all, St George’s Hall. Then it made a big mistake and handed our family jewels to invaders from outer-somewhere, otherwise known as National Museums Liverpool.

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    Even St George’s dragon would not have been enough to defend the culture snatchers had they set their sights on the famous hall, due to be re-opened on St George’s Day later this month.

    NML seems to be a law unto itself, “running” and ruining our history, with no democratic input from the people of Liverpool. Strange that a few people shouting from the rooftops to preserve our heritage are regarded as interfering nuisances, yet an even smaller number who make up the NML can dismantle things and that is OK.

    The museum mummies must be turning in their graves.


    Hi All

    I am not totally sure that the development of Sudley is a bad thing.

    Don't we want outsiders to see the treasures that Sudley has to offer? Or do we prefer that Sudley remains a sleepy little museum that no one visits? I note that over on the "Merseyside Halls, Estates and Dwellings" thread, Max, who lives in Wavertree, was asking Kev where Sudley is. That's an example I think of how "unknown" Sudley is even to Liverpudlians who take an interest in their environs. Sorry to use you as an example, Max. . .

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    Sorry to use you as an example, Max. . .
    No problem.

    It's In one of those close roads It seems, no wonder I've never known of the place and the parts of Mossley Hill I know are mostly near Greenbank/Penny Lane and Rose Lane.

    I used to think beyond Rose Lane was Allerton.
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    They have been taking their own sweet time with this project, it has been closed for well over a year now. I drive past every day and there is never any sign of activity. There is no sign of the gate posts being moved, and I doubt that it would help as the road is very narrow there.
    St Georges Hall is also to be reopened that day, with city wide bell ringing to mark the occasion.

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    I go past quite often and often walk into the grounds - the flowers look good. Very little sign of activity. There is plenty of room to manoeuvre within the site so I'm not sure what the excuse is. This location is a few minutes walk from Rose Lane (Mossley Hill stattion) and between 5 - 10 minutes from Aigburth station in Mersey Road (cross Aigburth Road, walk up Barkhill Road, turn left into Mossley Hill Road and take your first left.

    It has a great deal of potential.

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    Originally Posted by Kev
    Sudley House (under restoration).

    Nothing much changed from the above pic:

    24th March 2007

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