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Thread: Pleasure island/garden festival

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    georgie t
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    Arrow Pleasure island/garden festival

    these pics were taken over various visits with various buddies before work started again this yr

    the only thing really that changed is the tin has come off the pagodas and a lot of trees have been chopped down

    ive a lot more pics if anyone wants anymore posting just let me know

    i think the last time i visited this place was with my m8 kevsy sure it was the start of this yr but some pics are from last yr aswell

    i wouldnt mind another look at this place to see how things sre getting on so may have some recent pics to post up soon

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    Superb pics Georgie, keep these threads coming and post the rest up, I'm sure we'd all love to see the rest
    Thanks, Mart
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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