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Thread: Park Palace cinema/theatre

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    georgie t
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    Arrow Park Palace cinema/theatre

    another place where patience has paid off i knew there wasnt going to be much inside but after exploring round my old school that day i noticed this place had a bit of activity round it that day

    situated on mill street last use was a chemist

    anyway closer inspection revealed that they was using it to shoot a hollyoaks promo vid and after much deliberation i was allowed inside for a look....

    hollyoaks makeup area

    various props

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    I've been made up with all your stuff George, but 'specially these.

    Don't think I've ever seen the inside of the Parky since I went there as a kid.

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    Cheers again Georgie

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    Brilliant stuff Georgie
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    I too was gobsmacked when I saw the interior of the place, at a performance of The Quiet Little Englishman by the Zho theatre company in the Park Palace Theatre, which was briefly reopened as part of the 2008 Capital Of Culture celebrations. It told the story of local sound movie recording pioneer, George Groves, who worked on The Jazz Singer and other early sound films. I took some shots, some of the architecture, similar to Georgie's, and some of the actual production itself - to me one of the most memorable events of 2008. This, from Toxteth Flickr Group, should work as a slideshow (Click on 'Show Info' button for notes) :

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    Thanks very much for them emp. I go 50 odd years without seeing the inside of the Parky and then get to see it twice in a fortnight.
    Oddly the last time was when I was taken by me Ma to see The Quiet Man, probably in 1953/4.

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    Great pics and info georgie.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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