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    Peak evening traffic 1953Tunnel entrance 1967Following on from Friday’s post – two more images of the Birkenhead Tunnel. The first shows the chaos as workers head back home to the Wirral. There seems to be an absence of road markings – which must have made the journey somewhat hazardous. Those old cars must have broken [...]


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    Quote Originally Posted by scouse smurf View Post
    Love the second photo. Didn't know we had toll booths this side too
    IIRC in the 60's you had to pay for each direction.

    When did it change to booths at one end only?

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    In that 1953 shot it looks like there were 3 lanes one way and only 1 the other way.
    Did they do this at peak times?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davec View Post
    In that 1953 shot it looks like there were 3 lanes one way and only 1 the other way.
    Did they do this at peak times?
    Yes Davec. Priority was always given to residents of Debtors Retreat who come into the city to work, then go home and write letters to the Echo of the uncouth behaviour of the Liverpool barbarians.

    The Spanish House (a notorious pub) is there for all to see at the bottom of St John's lane, good pub tho' and the old Echo office can be seen as the flat iron building at the intersection of Whitechapel and Victoria street.

    Excellent pictures Colin.

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