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Thread: Rain on New Windows (CTG)

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    Default Rain on New Windows (CTG)

    Rain on New Windows

    Spring in Baltimore, rain, a full-throated cardinal sings
    in the gap between our apartment buildings. The windows
    people have visited, father and daughter, and installed
    double-paned delights, so clean compared to the paint-
    peeled and dusty Twenties casement windows, so chiascuro.

    My Mom's in a nursing home, 86 years on. Old pics I found
    of her strong, in control, and me the teenager in Beatles'
    Liverpool, my grandfather's roses flowering in Mersey rain.
    All the deaths that define my days. I see the baroque dome
    of the D.C. basilica that delighted you, can no longer share

    my thoughts with you, but the rain is falling and the cardinal,
    in a rain-soaked sycamore is singing spring into a new year.

    Christopher T. George

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