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Thread: Port Sunlight Vision Museum?

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    Default Port Sunlight Vision Museum?

    A “HAUNTED” Merseyside museum is being investigated by an expert in the paranormal after a series of ghostly activities frightened visitors and staff.

    Steve Parson, who stars on LivingTV’s Most Haunted and is co-founder of Wirral-based Para.Science , has been called in to the Sunlight Vision Museum at Port Sunlight after mysterious incidents.

    Angharad Brading, head of heritage at the Port Sunlight Village Trust and Sunlight Vision Museum, said: “It started last September, not long after we opened for the public.

    “The light started to go off in a cabinet, our pens went missing and we’ve heard footsteps. continues.....

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    It's always interesting to speculate on the reason for these apparitions. They are almost invariably related to violent episodes and very often warfare. The Liverpool Echo article says a ghost was seen wearing "a WWI uniform". That's a good clue to its association (you don't have to even believe in the supernatural to believe in the reality of this phenomenon; the examples are endless, from Hessian soldiers haunting Dutch communities in the US to the Loch Ness Monster appearing in 1933).

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