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Thread: Thomas Patterson born 10.08.1914 Scotland Road Liverpool

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    Default Thomas Patterson born 10.08.1914 Scotland Road Liverpool


    I'm new to the site and have registered to try and establish any information I can in relation to Thomas Patterson born 10.08.1914 Scotland Road Liverpool.

    Thomas is my Grandfather who the family have never been able to trace since he was shot down in Belgium in WW11.

    It more than likely he has now passed away, but I interested to find out in there is anyone who might be a relative who is still alive.

    We know that Thomas was the son of Thomas and Florence Patterson (nee Woods) of the West Derby district of Liverpool. He had two brothers and sister ages & names not known.

    If anyone has any suggestions for research/seaches or knows of the family, then any information would be gratefully recieved.



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    Hi Jack and welcome.

    There are a couple of World War 1 and 2 forums, which may be able to help on the War records side of things.

    Do you have any further details of names of road your great grandparents lived in etc
    Birth Dates, dates of death, these will help in tracking their records down

    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Hi Jack,
    I have looked on the 1911 census for the whole of the country without success, they married in 1900 and i used a birth age of 1870 to 1880, however there are 4 births with a maiden name of Woods the site does not give christian names.
    Eileen M Patterson 1912
    Thomas " 1914 yours
    James " 1917
    Gerard " 1921
    All born Liverpool

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    Martin, Dot,

    Thanks for your quick replies. Unfortunately I've only just started to research Thomas and as such I don't have any further details at this time.

    Thanks again


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    Hi Jack,welcome to Yo!
    You say there was no trace of Thomas,after he was shot down in ww2,so do you know if he survived it? You can check,by name on this war graves site!

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    Apologies, what I have stated above is slightly inaccurate. I should have said, he survived the prison camp, albeit he lost his hand as a result of an injury caused when bailing out of the aircraft. We know which camp he was in (Kriegsgefangenkarte 1) and that he was repariated on the 26th October 1943. Having continued to serve in the RAF, Thomas breifly returned home to my Grandmother in 1944, he again left and from that point forward I cannot establsih any further information. It was only after he left on this occasion that my Grandmother discovered she was pregnant with my mother. At the time my Grandmother was living in Blackpool.

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    in 1948 the THREE Thomas Patterson's lived in Liverpool

    Thomas - Coach Builder - 21 Coronation Drive L 14
    Thomas B - Corp Official - 128 Rosslyn St L 17
    Thomas W - Warehouseman - 350 Townsend Ave L 11

    L14 and L11 are the closest to West Derby
    Started the Old Swan Website:

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