I, Noah, tick off your creatures, Lord, two by two, as they enter the ark. Two ticks for the giraffes, two ticks for the lions, two ticks for the elephants. Then it's time to tick off the ticks. That was my big mistake. For, after we drew up the gangplank and we set sail, we found we had a plethora of ticks. Either there were more than the two ticks that I ticked off or else those two ticks mated mighty fast.

Lord, why did you
ask me to take those ticks
I'm really ticked off

Christopher T. George

Note: A haibun is a type of Oriental inspired poetic form, a variation on the Japanese haiku, in which the writer composes a short paragraph or so of prose and then finishes off with the haiku (usually three lines of 5-7-5 syllables) which encapsulates or summarizes what the writer has written in the prose section.