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Thread: Communisis new building at Speke

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    Default Communisis new building at Speke

    Can somebody please help me with regards an update on the new Communisis Print Facility at the Estuary Business Park in Speke. I live in Northampton and keep on getting different views on how this building is progressing. Which varies from it opening fully in June 2007 , to it not being ready until 2008.
    The reasons for my interest in this , is that opnce this site opens I will be made redundant as our printing facility is being outsouced to this new unit.
    Any info or photos would be much appreciated.



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    Hi Smiler, first off I'm sorry to hear about your loss off job once the facility opens. Secondly, I do pass the plant often, next time I do (today is very wet outside) I will take my camera with me.

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    Smiley, I take it you work for Centrica? Last I heard is that it won't be open until Jan 2008.

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    Default Thanks for offering you help

    Yes I do work for Centrica .

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